Amanda’s Story

“At the age of 18, I came to CPC Women’s Health Resource scared and pregnant.   I considered all three options of adoption, abortion, and parenting.  After talking to the counselors, I decided to carry my baby and parent with my boyfriend.  My relationship with the baby’s father failed, though, and it left me heartbroken and feeling like a failure.  I came back to the CPC and received support, counsel, and prayer that God would lead me.  I later began a new relationship with a man who accepted me just as I was, and he loved my boys as their own father.  We decided to get married, and together we made a commitment to abstain from sex until our marriage, in honor to God who was a big part of our lives. The CPC helped make our relationship a reality because they helped me get back into the Word.  Randy and I are now happily married, and we now have a daughter.  We have a wonderful family, and God is the head of our household.  I now travel to churches and organizations speaking on behalf of the CPC and sharing my story of hope.”