Healing the Effects of Abortion-Related Trauma

Post-abortion counseling

“HEART” is a confidential support group. We use a resource specifically designed for women and men who have experienced spiritual and/or emotional stress from abortion.  We have individual or small group settings that meet once a week for about 7 weeks to help you through various areas of abortion stress. During this time, you will find answers, encouragement, and hope. The support and acceptance of the program leader and other group members will show you that you are not alone.

This program is completely confidential and free of charge. Text or call Lora today. She is available anytime: (419) 630-0240.



We can recommend post-abortion literature (books, brochures, etc.) to anyone who wants to know more about the psychological & emotional impact after an abortion. The resources are appropriate for the post-abortive woman, the man whose life has been affected by abortion, as well as counselors, families, friends, and spouses who are looking for information.

One woman out of every four has suffered, either physically or emotionally, because of an abortion.

HEART provides emotional and spiritual healing to those who are suffering post-abortion stress. HEART provides a safe place to process feelings and receive support during their healing process.


Symptoms of Abortion-Related Trauma

  • Crying
  • Insomnia
  • Weight loss/gain
  • Eating disorder
  • Guilt
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Regret/remorse
  • Relationship withdrawal
  • Lower self-esteem
  • Anger/rage
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Nightmares
  • Cannot forgive yourself/others
  • Compulsive behaviors

If you have even one of these symptoms, please give us a call. Those who hurt after an abortion takes place are not always understood because the scars are so deep that they have a difficult time sharing their pain with others.



For the first time, I was made to look deep inside and to unlock doors that had been closed for 26 years. . . .The only [person] I really had a hard time forgiving was myself. The blessing and healing this has brought to my life can’t be told. I will forever be grateful to the CPC.



HEART Participant


I knew it was time to deal with [the effects of my abortion]. . . .[HEART] was such a healing experience, and through the time that I spent with the facilitator, who has become my friend, I learned so much about God’s forgiveness and my need to forgive and accept myself and others.



HEART Participant


In [the Healing the Effects of Abortion-Related Trauma] group, you find out so much more about God’s love and his healing, his forgiveness–and you work through the effects of the abortion. . . I’m so thankful for the forgiveness that I’ve received and the forgiveness that we’ve shown each other.



HEART Participant/Facilitator

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This program is completely confidential and free of charge. Text or call: (419) 630-0240