Your gift is very important to the ongoing ministry of CPC. If you have been directly affected by the ministry, or have seen the lives that have been changed through CPC, or if you are simply looking for an opportunity to save a baby’s life or touch a mother’s heart, your gift toward our operational expenses will enable us to continue helping growing families in our communities.

To discuss giving options, such as memorial gifts and estate planning, contact our accountant, Janet Burkholder, at +1 (419) 636-5692 or email her at janet@cpcnwo.org. If you have donations or material items you would like to donate, you can drop them off at our business office at Bryan or to any of our four locations.

CPC Women’s Health Resource provides its services completely free of charge so that every woman or man, whatever his or her circumstance, can find quality medical, relational, spiritual, and material support.